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Adobe Acrobat Pro 2020 ESD Download

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Adobe Acrobat Pro 2020 (ESD-Electronic Software Distribution oder Electronic Software Delivery) German Version


With Acrobat Pro 2020, you can create Adobe Pdf documents that can be distributed reliably and conveniently. Combine content from multiple applications into a single, compact Adobe PDF file that looks right on virtually any device, easily edit PDF files, and apply basic document security features. Create Pdfs that meet iso norms and accessibility standards. The Pro version also supports Ms Office 2019 for Mac and the creation of Pdfs for technical documentation from Ms Project, Visio or Autodesk Autocad. You can also use this version to convert scanned paper documents into immediately editable Pdfs. With the "Compare Files" tool, you can see at a glance all the changes made to a PDF since the last version. Automatically optimize Pdfs to reduce file size and add audio, video and interactive objects.

Use and present Pdf contents of various kinds. You can create Pdfs from any printable document. In addition, you can merge several documents into one Pdf in the browser. You can drag and drop documents and pages to select and arrange them before merging. You can also create protected Pdf files with limited usage rights from Microsoft Word. Export Pdfs directly to a Ms Office document via the browser or on a mobile device. You can edit the files as intuitively as you are used to from your text editor and adjust the text flow in the paragraph simply by clicking and dragging. Find and replace text in one go. You now have the option of obtaining electronic signatures and capturing answers in real time.